Its never too late to work in real estate

The real estate industry is made up of all kinds of people from different walks of life, different backgrounds and different ages too. There are a number of factors that make it a popular option for young and older professionals wanting to work in real estate and just about anyone that has the right attitude and mindset can be successful in a real estate career. This article will look at some of the reasons for this.


So, how do you become a real estate agent.? You can sign up for a real estate agent course easily, with more institutions offering a range of different study options all over Australia. You will start off with a Certificate of Registration course and become an Assistant agent. From here, you will have time in the industry helping you advance your role to that of a Class 2 real estate agent and then finally arrive at a Class 1 real estate agent and become the owner or Licensee in charge of your very own real estate office. Whether you’re wanting to go into a classroom environment and take the course over an intensive few day, or study online real estate courses, the choice is yours. People of all ages sign up for real estate courses online including fresh high school graduates and middle-aged people looking for a career change. As long as you’re over 18 you can get your career started and get your real estate license in Australia.


As discussed, you can be qualified on your own terms and according to your own schedule. Already working during the week? Fine, you can find classes at night or even study online real estate courses at your own pace. Want to get it done and dusted as soon as possible? Some courses allow you to get your Assistant agents qualification in as little as four days! If you hunt around you can find the right course for you, depending on your basic skills in language, literacy and numeracy, preferred learning style, and time frame or schedule.

This makes a career in real estate very attractive no matter what your age is; if you’re thinking of switching up your career you don’t need to go back to University and study for 3+ years. Rather, you complete a course, learn the basics and you’re ready to enter the industry.

If property management is more your style then you will commence as a real estate property officer where the hours are much kinder and the work more process driven. Looking to make money in real estate.? Then the sales department is the place for you. No 2 days will be the same and hang on tight…it will be an exciting ride.


Being a real estate agent doesn’t necessarily require a lot of prior knowledge or any great deal of academic literature that you need to study and remember. Rather, arguably the most important aspects of making it in the field are character traits. If you’re ambitious, a hard worker and highly organised, chances are you can find success as a real estate agent.

Further, a lot of your learning is done on the job by way of experience. Real estate is one of those fields where there are many aspects that can’t be taught in a classroom, they need to be experienced in a real-life environment, working with clients and learning the ropes as you go. However, it is still advisable, especially as you are just setting out on your real estate learning journey, to invest in quality real estate training be it Property Management training or Real estate sales training to help you advance your career and hit your goals and targets much earlier.


There’s a lot to learn and a lot of ongoing learning you will need to stay up to date with. Real Estate agents continually upskill with Continuing Professional development (or CPD training) as it is known in the industry. This is all in addition to your skills training as Government departments want to ensure you are across rules and regulations which affect both agency practise and consumer outcomes. Its just one of those mandatory requirements of holding yourself out to be a property professional. Cheap CPD courses start from as little as $69 and can be classroom based or delivered as online real estate training.

So, if you feel like you know nothing about the real estate industry or that it’s too late or early for you to make your start, think again. There are many opportunities for you to get your real estate license with minimum fuss and it won’t be long until you’re a real estate professional.

If you would like more information on taking the next step to becoming a real estate professional then contact Tony Hamilton