How to get a job in real estate

For those who want a career…not just a job.

How to get a job in real estate

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    A real estate career can be rewarding. It could also be the worst decision you could ever make. How would you like to know all the facts before you make the commitment?

    Firstly let me ask you…
    • Have you been told by friends and family that you might be good at real estate?
    • Is the idea of large earnings attractive to you?
    • Are you interested in people or property?
    • Why now? Are you looking for your first sales position or is a real estate career something you had always meant to do but never got around to it ( until now)
    • What has motivated you to consider a real estate career?
    • Have you ever personally bought and sold real estate and thought “I could do this”!

    This course is not designed to “sell” you on a career in real estate. If anything, after you have undertaken this course you may well decide that a career in real estate is not for you and then either way this course has served its purpose.

    Real estate is an exciting career filled with challenge and opportunity but it is not an easy profession.

    The purpose of “How to get a job in real estate” is to open your eyes to what you can expect in a real estate sales career and then coach you through the minefield of the employment process.

    Here’s what you will learn from “How to get a job in Real Estate”

    What a selling career in real estate is all about.
    Skills you will need now and skills you will need to develop.
    How to be the one selected for the job interview.
    What to say and do before during and after your interview.
    How to “walk your talk” once you have started in an office.

    Our goal is to get you to the number 1 ranking on the prospective employers list so that you are irresistible to a real estate employer.

    How can we do it? Lets find out together shall we..?


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