Trust Account Cluster

The single biggest issue Fair Trading has with agents is the management of their Trust account. Let’s get it right from the start with this 2 module Trust accounting course. Learn the rules and regulations relating to the handling of Trust monies. Who can and can’t touch it and the penalties involved if you get it wrong.

Understand the process of reconciling a Trust account and put practices in place to monitor your trust account operations.

Satisfies the completion of 2 CPD modules of the 3 required by a Certificate of Registration holder (Assistant agent) in their yearly CPD programme.


Trust Account Cluster

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    64 Vales Road Mannering Park, NSW 2259
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    This trust account cluster of 2 units specifies the skills and knowledge required to work with real estate trust accounts within established agency controls as well as conduct transactions in real estate trust accounts.

    It includes identifying the purpose and types of property trust accounts, applying agency controls to transactions in property trust accounts for specific purposes, balancing, reconciling and reporting on trust account transactions, and maintaining records of trust account transactions.

    The 2 modules you will study are:

    CPPREP4005  Prepare to work with real estate trust accounts and CPPREP4125  Transact in trust accounts.

    This unit applies to people currently working in or seeking to work in the real estate industry and those working in a capacity that requires them to transact in trust accounts.

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