Stay out of Trouble with Underquoting – Elective Topic

Just because our boom time conditions have finished it doesn’t mean that Fair Trading has stopped focusing on agency practice of “Underquoting”.

Stay out of Trouble with Underquoting – Elective Topic

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    So, what constitutes “Underquoting”.? How does it happen and what penalties are involved for agencies that still “push the envelope” on this misleading and deceptive practices. This course focuses on the legislation
    surrounding the necessary practise of pricing your owners properties. How can you advertise your customers property legally taking into account these recent law reforms.? Getting it wrong could cost you money, time and
    embarrassment . There’s no need to stress….learn more by investing your time in “Stay out of Trouble with Underquoting”
    (Will suit both junior and senior Sales staff who are involved in undertaking Property appraisal and who negotiate with buyers and sellers)

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