Property Sales Cluster

Follow the money in real estate and it all leads back to property sales. How do you become Number 1 in your area and command a healthy market share? What is involved in developing rapport with your vendors, working with buyers and negotiating sales? What is the process that binds the parties to an agreement and how and when do you as the salesperson get paid?

It’s all here in this 3 module Property Sales Cluster course.

Satisfies the completion of your 3 CPD modules (of the 3 required) by a Certificate of Registration holder (Assistant agent) in their yearly CPD programme.

Property Sales Cluster

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    This property sales cluster of 3 units specifies the skills and knowledge required to establish vendor relationships, as well as establish, develop and manage positive relationships with buyers to support property sales. It also covers the skills and knowledge required to sell property by methods including private treaty, auction and other negotiations.

    It includes planning activities to achieve property listings, confirming vendor needs and expectations, preparing and conducting a listing presentation, completing a listing agreement and planning for ongoing communication and records management associated with the vendor relationship as well as presenting property for sale, negotiating sales between vendors and buyers, and facilitating completion of contracts.

    It also includes establishing an understanding of buyer needs and expectations, matching these to property, and maintaining relationships and records of engagement with buyers throughout the buying process.

    The 3 modules you will study are:

    CPPREP4103  Establish vendor relationships, CPPREP4104  Establish buyer relationships and CPPREP4105  Sell property.

    This unit applies to people currently working in or seeking to work in real estate who apply a knowledge of legislative and compliance requirements, ethical standards and consumer preferences to manage real estate operations.

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