Property Management Cluster

It all begins with finding Properties to manage and establishing and maintaining great customer relationships. So how do agents manage to do it all? Keeping your tenants happy as well as meeting the ever increasing demands of landlords and Fair Trading is no easy task, but it can be done. Learn how in this 3 module Property Management cluster.

Satisfies the completion of your 3 CPD modules ( of the 3 required) by a Certificate of Registration holder (Assistant agent) in their yearly CPD programme.

Property Management Cluster

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    This property management cluster of 3 units specifies the skills and knowledge required to establish landlord relationships and tenant relationships to support property management and manage a tenancy.

    It includes establishing an agreement with a landlord to provide residential property management services and maintaining the relationship including keeping records of interactions with landlords as  well as responding to enquiries from tenants, establishing details and profile of potential tenants, matching tenants with properties, aligning landlord and tenant expectations, managing relationships and maintaining records of interactions. It also covers  timely and effective communication with tenant, landlord and other stakeholders and the management of rent payments, arrears, routine inspections, repairs, maintenance, tenancy renewals, rent increases and tenancy agreement breaches.

    The 3 modules you will study are:

    CPPREP4121  Establish landlord relationships, CPPREP4122  Manage tenant relationships and CPPREP4123  Manage tenancy.

    This unit applies to people currently working in or seeking to work in real estate.

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