Auction Cluster

Have you ever wanted to be an Accredited Auctioneer? This 3 module Auction course will give you the skills and confidence you need to become a professional auctioneer.

Satisfies the completion of your 3 CPD modules (of the 3 required) by a Certificate of Registration holder (Assistant agent) in their yearly CPD programme.

Auction Cluster

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    This Auction cluster of 3 units specifies the skills and knowledge required to undertake pre-auction processes, including preparing a strategy for auctions, liaising with the vendor or sales agent, confirming the details of the contract and confirming the details of the property, interpreting and applying written instructions for an auction, calling an auction and completing the auction process, including when a property is sold and when a property is passed in. It also gives you the skills and knowledge required to complete post-auction process and contract execution. It includes identifying successful bidder and confirming their legal entity, completing contract details, ensuring that all required signatures are obtained and completing and maintaining records of the auction.

    The 3 modules you will study are:

    CPPREP4161 Undertake pre-auction processes, CPPREP4162 Conduct and complete sale by auction and CPPREP4163 Complete post-auction process and contract execution.

    These units apply to auctioneers or people seeking to work as auctioneers.



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