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Training Room & head office: Suite 408/ 83 York Street Sydney NSW 2000.
REET ASQA Registration # 91242
Tel 02 8324 1407
Fax 02 9090 2657

Starting a Successful Career in Real Estate

Have you considered a career in Real Estate?

Classes postponed due to COVID-19 Pandemic . No enrolments availbale. Awaiting Government confirmation before releasing course dates.

There are certain rules and regulations you need to consider prior to starting within the industry. You will also need to complete a short course of study if you intend to perform certain functions within a real estate office.

The course you are required to undertake is the "Certificate of Registration" course from the new CPP41419 Training package.

The 5 compulsory modules required are as follows.

1. CPPREP4001 Prepare for professional practice in real estate.

2. CPPREP4002 Access and Interpret ethical practice in real estate

3. CPPREP4003 Access and interpret legislation in real estate

4. CPPREP4004 Establish marketing and communication profiles in real estate

5. CPPREP4005 Prepare to work with real estate Trust accounts.

This course is required by the Office of Fair Trading and will enable the successful student to apply for a "Certificate of Registration" which will enable them to be employed within the Real Estate industry either in sales or property managment..

REET offers the Certificate of Registration course over 3 consecutive days on two consecutive Saturday's. ("In class") or you may choose to do the course via "online" learning.You can also choose to do a combination of both in class and online learning , so it is very flexible to complete this short course. Saturday students need to come to class on 2 saturdays between 9-4pm and complete some take home work at their own pace. Due to the volume of work required to be fount competent in these 5 compulsory modules there will be some homework required by students in the area of assignmnet work. Full instructions and assitance will be made available during the 3 days in class.

You will be required to successfully complete an assessment and an assignment (group contribution) during the day to demonstrate competence in the course content presented. Work not completed face to face will need to be completed after class and then returned for assessment.

Our trainers will promptly assess your work and upon successfully meeting the competency requirments of each of the 5 required modules, your Statement of Attainment will be then issued. This "Statement of Attainment" then needs to go off to Fair Trading with your application form and application fee to complete the application process.

The Certificate of Registration course is available on the following dates: The 3 day in class courses are always conducted on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

SORRY.. NO COURSES AVAILABLE DUE TO COVID-19 Pandemic. New course dates will be added once cleared by Government. ENROLMENT NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME.

February 2020 26th,27th,28th Level 2/46 Macquarie st Parramatta (Click to ENROL NOW) Booked out..class completed.

March 2020 4th,5th,6th Level 4/83 York st Sydney (Click to ENROL NOW) Class completed.

Find the detailed address: click here for York st Sydney and here for Parramatta.

The cost of the Certificate of Registration course is $695. Certificate of Registration course prices and content were increased in January 2020. REET only takes a maximum of 18 students per course so you will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and interact with the trainer and other students.

If your assessment is not successful then you can complete the balance of the work by distance education and return to us for assessment. (or attend another session at your convenience to make up for any days that you may have missed)

Please note: In order to obtain your Certificate of Registration, application will need to be made to NSW Office of Fair Trading. Fair Trading has pre-requisites in place to ensure only credible people enter the industry. You must be a fit and proper person with no record of criminal activity within the previous 10 years. Check with Fair Trading if you are unsure prior to taking this course on 9619 8799.

You will also need a U.S.I (Unique Student Identifier) before we issue you with your qualification.

Ready to enrol? Select your dates from the above list and then complete the Online Enrolment form.