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Training Room & head office: Suite 408/ 83 York Street Sydney NSW 2000.
REET ASQA Registration # 91242
Tel 02 8324 1407
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Real Estate License Qualification with NO Experience - NSW

JUST $3,450

(Please note. This course is a combination of "in class" presentations" and also a "distance" learning component)

For those who have had NO Real Estate Experience (or limited experience where insufficient evidence is available to meet Recognition of Current competency standards.)

Undertake our…..No Experience Real Estate Licensing Course

The Real Estate Licensing Course is a combination of “in class” learning and distance learning.. There are 24 modules that need to be completed in order to be competent to be issued with your Statement of Attainment. As you have had no experience we suggest that you complete the 24 modules in the following way:

1) First, Complete a Certificate of Registration course with us. This course is the first 3 modules of the Licensing course. TIME FRAME = 3 Days (This course runs every 2nd week in City or Parramatta) Click here for dates.

2) Then, Complete a “4 Day Fast Track” Real Estate Licensing Course with us.

You will attend class with other experienced agents and is a great way to learn. You will do the same 11 modules that they do and pick up heaps of tips from experienced agents. This will satisfy a further 11 modules. TIME FRAME = 4 Days (runs every month) Click here for dates

3) Finally, Complete the balance of the modules via email and distance learning.

These are the “hands on” modules for a real estate agent and will require you to do research on your own and complete assessments and assignments. We will be available by phone or email to assist or you can make a time to come to our training centers and discuss any concerns with your trainer.. You get the modules in hard copy OR pdf and work through them at your own pace. We are available 5 days a week to help.

The volume of learning of a Certificate IV is typically 0.5 - 2 years. There may be variations between short duration specialist qualifications that build on knowledge and skills already acquired and longer duration qualifications that are designed as entry level requirements for work. Our previous graduating students with no industry skills or recognition of current competencies generally take 6 months to complete this qualification.

You get the modules in hardcopy OR pdf and work through them at your own pace.

The cost to complete your license via the “No experience” pathway is $3,450. If you already have a current Certificate of Registration (must be current) with less than 2 years experience , (so you don’t have quite enough experience to do the “fast Track” course ) then you will still qualify for some Recognition of current competencies. These will be those Units of competence that are necessary for you to apply for a Certificate of Registration. So..you've just saved 4 modules and 3 days and a discount off the course fee of $450.

Also, you may be able to qualify for some other recognition of your current competencies but we need to assess what you do and don’t know so talk to our trainers about the skills you already possess.

Remember...the "No experience " class is a combination of in class days and distance learning. You will need to complete a "Certificate of Registration" class and a "4 Day Fast track" class in any order. You can choose to do a 3 Day class first or a 4 day class first...whatever suits your schedule....then you finish of the course via distance learning.

You will also need a U.S.I (Unique Student Identifier) before we issue you with your qualification. To learn what a U.S.I is and to obtain a U.S.I before enrolling (which we recommend)...CLICK HERE

Ready to enrol ?

Then CLICK HERE to do the 3 day "Certificate of Registration course first..

or..... CLICK HERE to do the "4 Day Fast Track" class first.

We suggest that you enrol one month in advance as the NO Experience course can fill very quickly and there are only limited spots (16 per class)

Also....this will give you time to start your distance learning or attend the Certificate of Registration" course before you come to the 4 day "Fast Track" component of the course..

Do you have any questions about our self paced "NO Experience" licensing course ?

Then feel free to call us on (02) 8324 1407 till 5.30pm or click here to send us an email. We will respond to you enquiry by the next business day.