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Training Room & head office: Suite 408/ 83 York Street Sydney NSW 2000.
REET ASQA Registration # 91242
Tel 02 8324 1407
Fax 02 9090 2657

4 Day Real Estate Agents Courses

Your Real Estate agents License Qualifications in just 4 days (ONLY $2,850)

Now it is possible to obtain your real estate agents license qualification in just 4 days with REET's 4 day "Fast Track" licensing course. This course is for experienced agents only and combines both in class learning as well as an assessment of your current competencies. REET will assess your current skills against the course curriculum to determine what modules of the course you can already show competency in. This is know as Recognition of Current Competencies (R.C.C)

Therefore, it is essential that you have had 2 years experience if you wish to complete the License in this way. There may be some flexibilty on this requirment dependent upon your ability to produce the required evidence but in most cases a minimum of 2 years in the industry is the appropriate time to build up your skill levels to satisfy the competency requirements of holding a real estate agents license.

If you do not feel that you would have the current skills to satisfy a Recognition of current competencies assessment by our trainers/assessors then consider taking our "NO Experience" Licensing course where you need NO EXPERIENCE. It's flexible, fun and gives you more time to complete the 24 modules required to obtain the Real Estate Agents License. Details are on the home page of the website.

What evidence do I need to supply?

REET requires a range of evidence based on your previous skills and work and life experience. In particular, evidence in relation to your sales and property managment needs to be verified and assessed against the units of competency. You may have also completed some other Real Estate courses and this can be considered under the Recognition of Prior Learning (R.P.L) provisions avaialble to REET's students.

Also, any courses you may have undertaken, such as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses, sales or managment skills courses and references from past or present customers can all be used to demonstrate recognition of your current competencies (RCC). Download a quick checksheet from click here. Please understand that the checksheet is a quick guide to what evidence you would need to supply, a more comprehensive range of evidence will be required to satisfy other modules within the course.

We also have a comprehensive list of evidence which we have mapped to every module within the licensing course (24 Modules). So....if you feel that you have sufficient skills to match every unit of competence then please request this form and we will forward it to you. This form is known as the "Evidence Guide for Obtaining a Real Estates agents License"


DECEMBER 19,th,20th,21st and 22nd (Level 4/83 York st Sydney)

JANUARY 2018 30th, 31st, 1st &2nd Feb (Level 4/83 York st Sydney)

FEBRUARY 2018 27th,28th &1st 2nd March (Level 4/83 York st Sydney)

MARCH 2018 27th,28,29th (no class Good Friday) (Level 4/83 York st Sydney)

APRIL 2018 24th,26th,27th.(no class Anzac Day 25th) (Lev 4/83 York st Sydney)

May 2018 29th, 30th, 31st and 1st June (Level 4/83 York st Sydney)

June 2018 26th,27th,28th,29th (Level 4/83 York st Sydney)

Find the detailed address: click for York st Sydney.

You will also need a U.S.I (Unique Student Identifier) before we issue you with your qualification.

Ready to enrol? Then CLICK HERE to take you to our enrolment page. Have your USI ready ... you will need it to enroll.

We suggest that you enrol one month in advance as the 4 day course can fill very quickly and there are only limited spots (14 per class) Also....this will give you time to acquire the evidence you need or discuss the evidence with your trainer before you attend the course.This will save you valuable time at the end of the 4 day course.

Do you have any questions about our 4 day "Fast Track" licensing course?

Then feel free to call us on (02) 8324 1407 or click here to send us an email. We will respond to you enquiry by the end of the next business day.